Parents of ALL CLMSA soccer players (with the exception of U4 parents) are required to write a $149 Volunteer Bond cheque (one per family). Parents are offered various opportunities to volunteer for CLMSA and will be asked to volunteer each registered season for a total of approximately 5 hours.

As we send mass emails they sometimes end up in your ‘junk’ folder, please check your junk folder as this is not an excuse to not respond. If someone other than the parents/guardians named on the volunteer form fulfills the commitment, they need to provide the following information in order to clear the commitment:

-   Parent/guardian name(s)
-   Registered Childs(rens) name

Those who do volunteer have their cheque destroyed. Only those who refuse to fulfill their commitment or do not wish to volunteer have their cheques cashed.

Volunteers are needed from Registration to Provincials. Becoming a member of the CLMSA Executive is considered a volunteer opportunity; see below for current openings.



Coach (this is a full season commitment)

Coaches are in charge of the team and are required to obtain CPIC clearance (no fee) from the RCMP prior to coaching. Responsibilities include:

- Pick up the team’s equipment bag and jerseys.
- Contact players.
- Hold a parents meeting to inform the parents of all things necessary pre-season.
- Plan the drills for practices, fill in all of the game score sheets, attend technical clinics and training sessions and run the games.
- Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.


Assistant Coach

The assistant coach attends the meetings that coach isn’t able to, helps run the practice drills, and he/she might carry the equipment for the coach.


Team Manager

The team manager can act as the contact person for the team, sending out information and correspondence from CLMSA and the coach to the parents via email or phone. They can arrange for the team photos, any tournament entries, team fundraisers, money collection, and end of season parties. For U10 – U18, the Team Manager will also act as the referee liaison.


 Equipment Manager

The equipment manager is the person who carries the balls, nets and flags to all the practices and games as well as sets up and takes down the net before and after games. This is for U10 and up and in the outdoor season only.


Field Marshall

Field Marshalls direct coaches to the fields that they should be playing on, collecting & returning game sheets to headquarters, reporting game scores to headquarters and being a liaison between coaches/referees and other team officials.
This position may also be asked to remind parents of the proper “parent code of conduct” IAW LDSA policy.


Bench Parents (Indoor Season)

ALL teams must have at least one adult on the bench and in the change room that is of the same gender as the players. For example, if the Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager of a GIRLS team are all male, then they must include a fourth person – one of the parents, to be a “Bench/Change Room Mom” who would be present at all times. This is required for all games. The same, in reverse, applies to the BOYS team that requires a “Bench and Change Room Dad”.


Gym Patrol (Indoor Season)

Gym Patrol is responsible for ensuring that the parents, siblings and family members that attend the practices or games in school gyms all take off their wet or dirty foot wear, that there are no beverages other than water allowed in the gyms, and that anything moved is returned to the original spots, no equipment left behind, and no empty bottles, etc. left behind once your team is finished for the night.


Registration Volunteers

Registration Volunteers are responsible for taking the registration forms and fees, collecting the volunteer deposit cheques, and ensuring the form is correctly filled out.


Equipment Volunteers

Equipment Volunteer’s responsibilities include ensuring that when the coaches return their equipment, it is all there and in good condition. Volunteers are also responsible for equipment hand out which includes stuffing bags with soccer balls, making first aid bundles, and checking to ensure that a full set of jerseys are in each bag.


Tournament Volunteers

Responsibilities here include:

- Setting up tents, tables and stations
- Working the BBQ
- Keeping the tent tidy
- Organizing medals for presentation
- Supervising the special events, i.e. radar gun.
- Tear down the tents, packing up the equipment into trucks, and ensuring the garbage and recyclables are taken care of, etc.


Bingo Volunteers

Bingo Volunteers help to work a bingo which occurs once a month. Please see the Bingo page for available dates.





Upcoming Opportunities

CLMSA has many opportunities to volunteer at various events throughout the season.

You may contact our Volunteer Coordinator fundraising@clmsa.com if you are interested in a specific event or position.


Volunteers Needed!

VACANT CLMSA Executive Positions
- Facilities Chair
- Communications and Public Relations

VACANT CLMSA Executive Positions Beginning Indoor 2015
- Youth Soccer Director
- Equipment Chair
- Developmental Soccer