President Patrick Richer 780.639.3145 780.813.1869 pricher1@hotmail.com
Vice President Tim Urlacher 780.594.3613 780.812.1085 katieu@telus.net
Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Puetz 780.639.2448 780.812.4557 ketr@persona.ca
Equipment Chair Steve Cupit 780.201.4346 equipment@clmsa.com
Facilities Director Frank Mayer 780.815.5842 rcpilot@mcsnet.ca
Director of Officials Giancarlo Pavone 780.812.5649 gianni.photo@gmail.com
Technical Director Megan Trifaux technical@clmsa.com
Mini Director U4 Kate Banadyga 780.201.9859 kate.banadyga@gmail.com
Mini Soccer(U6/U8) Ryan Cote 780.201.1569 ryancote90@gmail.com
Development Soccer Brad Steels 780.594.0815 780.201.2150 development@clmsa.com
Director (U10/12)
Youth Soccer Director Frank Mayer 780.815.5842 rcpilot@mcsnet.ca
(U14-18 boys)
Youth Soccer Director vacant contact vice president
(U14-18 girls/indoor)
Communications and Andrea Korecki 780.815.3589 andreasnails@telus.net
Public Relations
Non voting Positions
Registar Andrea Korecki 780.815.3589 registrar@clmsa.com
Volunteer Coordinator Darlean Deep
/Fundraising 780.639.3260 780.812.9056 fundraising@clmsa.com