U8 Mini Soccer

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CLMSA Rain Out Policy

CLMSA will cancel soccer upon the following conditions

1.  The City of Cold Lake closes the fields
2.  Visible Lightning – Practice/Game can resume 30 minutes after last lightning strike.

Most kids want to run around in the rain/cold and as long as they are dressed appropriately they will have fun.
If a coach feels it is too cold or wet they can use their discretion and call their team and the team they are scheduled to play.
The coach should still go to the field in case any players did not get the message.
If you are playing Pierceland they will expect to play on Thursdays.

We want to provide every opportunity for kids to play.
Parents can make their own decision not to bring their child.


Important Dates:

May 1 – Meet with Coaches
May 6 – First game of the season
June 21 - FunFest
June 26 – Final game of the season



U8 Schedule North  - Cold Lake Hospital

U8 Schedule South  - Happy House Daycare/Northstar Elementary School

U6 & U8 Field Layout

Coaching Drills U8

Coaches Manual U8
Session 1-Passing Control
Session 2-Mobility
Session 3-Passing
Session 4-Passing Shooting
Session 5-Dribbling
Session 6-Turning, Dribbling, Shooting
Session 7-Ball Control
Session 8-Trapping
Session 9-Developing Mobility 


Mini Director U8 Contact:
Annie Asnong